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Heike Patzelt und Michael KöhlerShips can either be moved with sails or with engines. For the first you need wind, and even if you have wind, you can´t sail against it. If you use the motor, you will have to buy fuel, it is loud, stinky and pollutes the environment. Would you do that if there were a better choice?

The Solution:

The sun rises every day, even when it´s cloudy, you can "harvest" ample energy a ship with solarpanels - without emissions, noiseless and without fuelcosts. Windgenerators supply you with sufficient energy in the windy parts of the earth.

The continuous development of electric motors and batterys - and the invention of generators working efficiently without fossile fuels - solarcell and windgenerator - made it possible to move a boat on the sea without sails and without polluting the environment.

The longest distance on our world is a circumnavigation along the equator. We will proof, that the technology to do this already exists and that it is possible to cross oceans and to make a circumnavigation without burning fossile fuels and without polluting the environment.

On top of that we will live autonomously for more than one year - we will freeze and cook our food, produce water, use our washingmachine ....... without any fossile fuels!

Do you want to do something for nature? Help us - fight with us for a clean environment!