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Heike Patzelt und Michael KöhlerShips can either be moved with sails or with engines. For the first you need wind, and even if you have wind, you can´t sail against it. If you use the motor, you will have to buy fuel, it is loud, stinky and pollutes the environment. Would you do that if there were a better choice?

The Solution:

The sun rises every day, even when it´s cloudy, you can "harvest" ample energy a ship with solarpanels - without emissions, noiseless and without fuelcosts. Windgenerators supply you with sufficient energy in the windy parts of the earth.

The continuous development of electric motors and batterys - and the invention of generators working efficiently without fossile fuels - solarcell and windgenerator - made it possible to move a boat on the sea without sails and without polluting the environment.

This boat shows, that the technology to do this already exists and that it is possible to cross oceans and to make a circumnavigation without burning fossile fuels and without polluting the environment.

On top of that we live autonomously on board of Solarwave already since May 2010 - we freeze and cook our food, produce water, use our washingmachine, even an air-condition, power our dinghy and our electric bike ....... without any fossile fuels!

Do you want to do something for nature? Help us - fight with us for a clean environment!