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Dear Friends of Solarwave!

Our visitor gave us the feedback, that the use of an internet-translator not necessarily leads to a better understanding but makes people smile or even laugh.
So I try to convince myself that I have the office with the most beautiful view - and force me to sit at the desk in the saloon instead of laying on deck in the sun to translate all text on our website to english.

Greece - Mykonos, Hydra, Crete. Corfu - this sounds like holyday, sandy beaches, relaxing.
After the start in Chios on 21. of May we visited Mykonos, Tinos, Syros, Kythnos and arrived now in Athens.

When we entered the exclusive Marina Flisvos the Chefmarinero forwarded us to his 2. Marinero and named us as "Micro-Catamaran". Normally I would have been offended by this and first I was speechless, after a few seconds it turned into astonishment and ended up in understanding.
We really deserved this denomination, Solarwave is by far the smalles boat in this part of the Marina. Even more - the next smallest has about double our length and costs maybe 10 Million Euro ..... so - "Solarwave is Micro!"

In spite of all this - the people were very interested, at the prime-time in the evening-news of greece´s most renowned TV-Station they showed a 2 min 30 sec. long report, obviously been seen by many people. After this the clicks at our Website exploded. Still - several days after the report - even in small villages people come towards us - "I´ve seen you on Television!-Great project!"
Also the most renowned greek newspaper published a long article about Solarwave - here is the link to the internet-version.

Till soon - Michael and Heike